MSAA Membership

Yearly & Lifetime Options

A yearly membership in the MSAA is just $25 per individual (age 15+), with a $30 family maximum!

MSAA Membership Benefits

  • Value - membership in other archery associations that offer you less will cost you much more of your money that might be better spent on the latest equipment. The MSAA keeps dues low and gives you a break if you join through your local MSAA 100% affiliated club.

  • MSAA tournament fees are also significantly less and MSAA tournaments have by far the highest participation over any of the others in Minnesota. Add this all up and you are getting the biggest bang for your buck when you join the MSAA.

  • A full tournament calendar that includes top notch indoor and outdoor competitions.

  • The promotion, support, and coordination of deer hunts for youth and adults, at places like Arden Hills and Camp Ripley.

  • The MSAA is ready on issues at the state legislature that are important to Minnesota Archers and sports people in general.

  • A conservation fund that is used for wildlife and hunting preservation.

  • Bowhunter Defense Fund.

  • Big Buck and Big Bear Award program (see below)

  • Club loan program.

  • Youth Scholarship (see below).

  • Opportunity to win a season Tournament Pass. See Target Archery page for details.

  • The Minnesota Arrow magazine - the publication of the MSAA that features the latest in state archery news and events.

  • A web site that consolidates and presents the news and events of archery clubs across the state.

Lifetime MSAA Membership

Lifetime Membership - a lifetime membership is a great way to stay ahead of any future membership fee increases and if you are 55 years or older you will be exempt from paying tournament fees at MSAA events.

With a lifetime membership you will not have to ever renew your membership, you will have a lifetime subscription to The Minnesota Arrow, and your membership card will come with your name engraved.

The cost of a lifetime membership is currently $300 for a single adult and $100 for a single adult over the age of 65. A spouse can be added for $100 and children under the age 18 for $50.

When children under the program reach the age of 18 they will have the option of getting a lifetime membership for themselves at a reduced rate of $250 or will begin paying annual dues.

Yearly Membership Form

Lifetime Membership Form

MSAA Scholarship Program

The MSAA Scholarship Program is for those graduating high school students who are academically successful and who can also demonstrate a sincere interest in the sport of archery. The scholarship was established in 1971 to encourage outstanding students to prepare for worthwhile careers at the college of their choice and to promote the sport of archery. Two scholarships are available each year and are valued at $500 each.

The student should apply while a senior in high school or at any time during their first 3 years of college. If awarded the scholarship the MSAA President will notify the winner by September 1st, of the year of application. If an individual does not win the award they may reapply as aforementioned, the scholarship can be won only once by a single individual. The applicant must be an MSAA member in good standing at the time of their application.

Applications for the scholarship must be postmarked no later than June 15 to be considered for that year's scholarship. Any applications received after that date will be returned.

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The MSAA is made up of a significant number of people that actively hunt big game with archery equipment. It is appropriate to recognize the successful harvest of Minnesota’s big game species by our membership. This award was once presented in the 80’s and 90’s and somehow faded due to a lack of animals being presented for scoring. The MSAA currently has two Pope and Young officials in the membership. The task of getting animals scored and winners declared will be much simpler now. The main rationale of resurrecting these awards is to create interest in, and attract more memberships to the organization. The entrants for these awards must be members of the MSAA prior to the harvesting of either big game species. Below find some specific criteria proposed for these awards.

  1. Applicants for the award must be a member of the MSAA prior to harvesting the animal.

  2. The deer or bear must be harvested in Minnesota during the current season.

  3. In the event of typical or non-typical deer being entered, whichever animal exceeds their minimum score by the most inches will be declared the winner. In the event of any ties, two awards will be presented.

  4. Animals to be entered must have a 60 day drying period after harvest to allow for shrinkage.

  5. It is incumbent upon the member to get their antlers or skull to one of our measurers or any official Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett measurer for documenting an official score.

  6. It is assumed that contestants will get their animal to an official scorer by March 1st so winners can be determined for the awards banquet at the State Indoor.

  7. The entry shall follow the Pope and Young Club’s rules of harvest. The animal must be the first male animal of that species taken by the archer in that season. No party hunting or cross tagging of these animals is allowed. Rules of fair chase must be observed by contestants.

  8. An award with appropriate wording to acknowledge the entries significance will be given to the archer. Species, year and archer.

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American Income Life Death Benefit

An MSAA membership includes an American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) death benefit. AIL provides this free to the MSAA in exchange for MSAA staff mailing to the association's members AIL marketing information.

The MSAA puts together this mailing and does not release your contact information to AIL or any other company - it is the policy of the MSAA not to do so. If you prefer not to be contacted by AIL please do not return their contact card once you receive it.

Not returning the card will have no effect on qualifying for the benefit, the benefit is only dependent upon current MSAA membership. Use the links below to learn more about this benefit.

MSAA Constitution & By-Laws - Currently Updating