Target Archery

Providing the Best in Archery Competition

For decades the MSAA has crowned state champions and there has been no higher state archery honor than to compete and win an MSAA event.

MSAA tournaments are the most well attended archery events in the state and the MSAA continues to work to improve them and to make them even better - check the Event Calendar!

Styles of Competition

The MSAA and its affiliate network of clubs and pro shops offer competitions in a variety of styles. Follow the links to learn more about each:

Not currently held

MSAA Classes & Equipment Rules

Check out where you fit in with regard to division, class, and equipment.

MSAA Grand Champion Award

An MSAA Grand Champion is the very best that the MSAA has to offer by way of competition.

A Grand Champion Award is given annually in each MSAA division/class to the person that has accumulated the highest cumulative score after having shot the MSAA Regional (only one score required), Indoor, Target, Field, and 3D.

MSAA Grand Champions are recognized at the State Indoor Tournament following the year in which they had won the award. The award is a beautiful engraved walnut plaque personalized with the winner's name and division/class.

Tournament Fee Schedule

All Tournaments:





  • LATE FEE - $5

  • OPEN MSAA - $25 fee plus $30 purse

Bowfish Tournament

  • EACH BOAT - 2 MAN TEAM - $25

Tournament Pass Drawing:

An annual drawing shall take place that will select MSAA members who shall receive an MSAA Tournament Pass for that year’s MSAA events.

  • The drawing shall be conducted at the annual Policy Meeting.

  • Entries shall be submitted on the Tournament Pass Form and submitted to the MSAA Secretary. Mailed entries must be postmarked by January 1st. Submissions will be accepted in person at the meeting.

  • Sufficient notice of the drawing shall be made in the Minnesota Arrow Magazine and on the MSAA website.

  • Drawing applicants shall be an MSAA member in good standing at the time of the drawing.

  • Winners of the drawing shall not reapply until the third year after having won.

  • An MSAA Tournament Pass shall cover tournament registration only and shall not cover late fees, club events, novelty events, or practice rounds.

  • There shall be a pass drawn for adult male, adult female, youth male, and youth female (4 passes total). Youth shall mean Young Adult, Youth, Cub, and Junior Cub MSAA Divisions. If there are no entries in any one of the aforementioned groups then that pass shall go unused.

  • A handwritten letter, card, or email stating an MSAA member’s desire to be included in the drawing shall be sufficient as an entry form. Direct all entries to the MSAA Secretary.

  • There shall be no deduction made to a host club’s tournament proceeds because of the use of a tournament pass.