Field Tournament

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The MSAA State Field Tournament is the best opportunity for an archer to demonstrate a well-rounded ability to not only shoot but to endure. The Field tournament brings together the aspects of a 3D tournament and a target tournament.

Like a 3D tournament, a course is walked and at shooting stations, shots are taken at targets that vary in distance.

An important difference between the 3D tournament and the Field tournament is that multiple arrows are shot at the same target, that at the end of the day add up to more than 100 arrows shot!

If you think that you are tough, than Field archery is for you. Not only are more arrows shot at this tournament than any other MSAA tournamen,t the course rules need to be carefully followed, making this game not only an endurance test but also a mental challenge. Make a mistake in shooting position or shooting order and you will lose points.

Shoot well, avoid getting tired out, and keep your wits about you and you will leave the course a state champion!

For some advice on preparing, read this article on Shooting in Outdoor Target Tournaments.

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